Parer’s War – TV Review


Based on a true story, the film tells the story of Damien Parer (Matthew Le Nevez), a film journalist who took footage during World War 2, in particular of his time in Papua New Guinea. He’s a bit of a rebel, and when he returns to Australia, he needs to deal with civilian life during a wartime, with the bureaucracy and politics of his workplace, and of dealing with his girlfriend, Marie Cotter (Adelaide Clemens).

I like the concept, I like the story, but I don’t like the directing, the writing or the acting. I think it is often hard to tell when acting is bad or direction, but I think when almost everyone on-screen is doing an appalling job, regardless of their past excellent work, I reckon it’s the direction. It also feels like the writer has been told to really investigate the slang and language of the time, but it just doesn’t work. It is just a bit crap, and I’m terribly disappointed about that.

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