The Time Traveler’s Wife vs The Time Traveler’s Wife


The Time Traveler’s Wife by Audrey Niffenegger

Henry has a condition – some kind of genetic mutation that causes him to time travel. Not by choice – it can happen at any moment; one second he’ll be in the present day, and the next he’ll find himself nude and somewhere else, sometimes fighting for his life. Then there is Clare. Henry appears in the meadow near her house when she is six, and then keeps appearing, and the two of them are closely connected. One day, they will marry. He knows this, she trusts this.

I love this book. It’s a romance and an action book all mixed in together. What I really love about it is the way it plays with time and the linear manner of life; how each of the characters at different times know different things to each other. The characters are flawed, and thank goodness. If they were not, how could you connect to them? But it is beautiful and wonderful and I really, really like it.


Then there’s the film. It’s not bad. I mean, there was really no way that the complexities of the book could all be included in a film – or, at least, not a film of a reasonable length. What they did was good; once I got past the idea that Henry was not the Henry I had in mind (Eric Bana was probably the perfect man for the role; fit, but not too buff; intellectual, gentle and caring and genuine), I quite enjoyed the film. It’s good if you want a romance with a bit of a twist. But if you want the full story, go the book.

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