Light Fly, Fly High (2013) Film Review

India 80 mins


Thulasi is a poor, runaway girl born as a Dalit (untouchable) in India with little future other than marrying and continuing to live in poverty. One thing she has going for her, however, is that she can box. She trains at a girls boxing gym, but at 24, she has less than a year to prove herself. It is a race not only against time, but against the society she lives in and the corrupt men who run the sport.

It is a depressing film, there is no doubt about that. Every time it seems there is something that is working for her, something else steps in her way. Yet, there is something uplifting in her tale. Even when she seems to be beaten, she has a way of pulling herself up.

Light Fly, Fly High screens at ACMI on Sunday May 11 at 6pm. For more information, visit Tickets available at the ACMI box office or call 8663 2583.

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