Stanley Kubrick’s Lolita (1962) Film Review

Stanley Kubrick's lolita

Lolita is a creepy tale. The story of a man who, becoming obsessed with a young girl, marries her mother, then when the mother dies in an accident, runs away with the young girl, initially lying to her that her mother is sick, then eventually admitting the truth. It is made ever so much more creepy by starring James Mason, who manages to play Humbert Humbert, the protagonist, so marvellously. Add to this Peter Sellers playing the even more creepy Clare Quilty and you really have a creep fest.

The thing that is very difficult with Lolita both as a book and a film is that the power appears to be with the young girl. She flirts and seems at times to have the male characters totally wrapped around her finger. The audience is made uncomfortable because at no stage does a responsible adult say (and mean) “No, you are a child”. For a creepy tale of horrible events, it is a truly excellent film.

Lolita was nominated for an Oscar or Best Writing, Screenplay Based on Material from Another Medium.

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