Logan’s Run (1976) Film Review


The world is contained within a bubble, a bubble with finite resources. Thus, at thirty, everyone must die or hope to be reborn in a ceremony known as Carousel. Occasionally, people run, dreaming of a chance to keep living, and are chased by the Sandmen, guards who hunt and kill them. The big computer sends Logan (Michael York) on a mission – to run and find Sanctuary – the place they believe runners end up. With the assistance of a woman he meets, Jessica (Jenny Agutter), Logan takes off, but is tracked by fellow Sandman, Francis (Richard Jordan). Finally, in the outside world, Logan and Jessica meet the Old Man (Peter Ustinov) who they take back to the bubble to try to convince everyone that they don’t need to die at 30.

Wow, this is dated. It’s amazing to think that this won an Oscar for Visual Effects – the effects look terrible now. But, I didn’t have a problem with this at all – in fact, it added to the kitsch factor. The overall plot was quite good. What was terrible was the acting. I suppose the over-the-top acting of several of the characters were in style with this sci-fi world, but I just couldn’t get over Michael York – every time he opened his mouth I had to stop myself from laughing. An unexpected surprise was Jenny Agutter – having recently been watching Call the Midwife, to see the head nun turn up in a skimpy outfit (or, in one scene, nude after Michael York exclaimed “We should take our clothes off so we don’t freeze!”) was just bizarre.

Logan’s Run won a Special Achievement Award for Visual Effects at the Oscars and was nominated for an Oscar Best Cinematography and Best Art Direction – Set Direction.

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