Redfern Now – TV Review

Redfern Now

Last year, a second series of Redfern Now was screened on the ABC, but I am such a completist that I insisted on watching the first season before visiting the second. Perhaps others had a similar concept, as it took quite some time for my reservation to come up at my local library. Boy, was it worth it.

Redfern is a suburb in Sydney. It’s a complex suburb that causes problems for many politicians; there is a high level of poverty, unemployment and crime, and it also has a large Indigenous population. Redfern Now tells some stories based in and around Redfern within the Indigenous community.

They are not necessarily happy tales; each episode tells a stand alone story; there is a mother with mental illness; a husband and father returning home after being in jail; a policeman who is on duty when a young Aboriginal man dies in custody; and more. They are heartbreaking, although often, there is a strong sense of hope. A sense that for these individuals, things will get better.


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