Clockers (1995) Film Review


Strike (Mekhi Phifer) is a drug dealer in Brooklyn, working in the projects. He suffers from chronic stomach pain, possibly an ulcer, possibly just stress from his situation. When his boss, Rodney (Delroy Lindo) tells him he needs to step up to stop a rival dealer taking his territory by killing him, Strike confides in his straight-laced brother. The dealer is killed, but it is not clear who the murderer is.

The film tells a great story, but since the gritty realism of The Wire, it does feel quite dated and almost a bit sanitized. But it is this and other films by Spike Lee that have allowed things like The Wire to be created.


2 thoughts on “Clockers (1995) Film Review

  1. Do you know if Spike Lee intended to reference ‘Diary of a Country Priest’ with regard to Strike’s chronic stomach pain? I know Spike is influenced by French New Wave and related cinema (among other influences ofc).

    • I read the book many, many years ago, and I remember that Strike had stomach issues, (he kept drinking Yoohoo and, as an Australian and pre-internet, I could only guess what that was) so it wasn’t added to the plot by Lee. It’s suggested in other reviews that Strike’s stomach condition may be simply a stress-related condition. I’m not familiar with ‘Diary of a Country Priest’ but have looked it up and will need to find a way to check it out. Thanks for your comment!

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