The Last Word by Hanif Kureishi


Harry Johnson goes to the estate of noted author Mamoon Azam to write his biography. And that’s pretty much it, plotwise – at least until the end. The book seems to be more about the relationships, I think. I don’t know. I was a bit bored.

I feel like there is a joke that I’ve been left out of – that this book may be loved and respected and enjoyed by many, but I just kept on at it, hoping that something (anything) would happen. Then it didn’t. For me, one issue I had was that it seemed to be a fairly naturalistic book, then a lot of characters did things that I simply did not believe. Even at the very started, Johnson is being taken by his alcoholic agent to meet the author. The agent is literally fall-down, pass-out alcoholic. I struggled to believe that he would be able to continue to work in that state. I also found a lot of the conversations did not seem to flow in any natural way, and thus I did not believe or connect with the characters.

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