Fight Club vs Fight Club


My recent film review of Fight Club can be found here.


Fight Club by Chuck Palahniuk

For me, the book and the film are so close. I fully expect I will read this again in the same way I fully expect that I will watch it again because the story fascinates me, and the mood it creates and the mood it provokes; it is just so intriguing. Watching the film, I did question the misogyny of what is being shown, and reading the book cleared some of that up for me. I don’t think it is misogynistic as such, but more that it is possibly anti-current society, or anti-those who blindly accept anything – whether it is what the media tells us, what advertising tells us or what some charismatic but ultimately mentally unhealthy person tells us.

The end of the book is different, and some of the order of things, but ultimately, I think each achieve a highly successful level of entertainment and thought-provokingness.

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