Weekend at Bernie’s (1989) Film Review


It’s the middle of a very hot summer, and Larry (Andrew McCarthy) and Richard (Jonathan Silverman) are up-and-comers, working hard for some kind of businessman in some manner. (I got a bit lost on the details at the start. No, wait, insurance. It was insurance) After discovering problems with some of the paperwork, they meet with their boss Bernie Lomax (Terry Kisser), who invites them to discuss it at his elaborate beach house that weekend. Little do they know that they are being set up – Bernie has arranged for them to be killed. Little does Bernie know, however, that his partners in crime have had enough of him and they kill him first. So, when Larry and Richard turn up, they discover (after a short while of thinking that he is just drunk) a dead Bernie. They soon discover the plot, and need to keep everyone thinking that Bernie is alive until they can escape the island. Luckily, everyone on the island is so used to Bernie being trashed that they don’t notice he is dead.

This is a great film. So much better that I recalled. Yes, it is cheesy as all get out and totally ridiculous, but you can’t take the premise of a dead guy being treated as if they are alive as a serious drama. It’s a good comedy, go check it out. The thing lacking from an eighties comedy? James Spader. If only.


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