Advanced Style (2014) MIFF Review


US 72 Mins

Over the last six years or so, Ari Seth Cohen has taking photographs of older, stylish women in New York for his blog Advanced Style. It has led to a book, television appearances, and now, a documentary.

The women are delightful – so much joie de vivre and passion about fashion. It was absolutely not something I was excited about watching, but I couldn’t help letting it warm my heart. True, some of the fashion is totally insane and ridiculous, but at no time does it feel as if fun is being poked at these women; they are respected and even revered.

I’m not about to rush off and make square hats or dress like a stylish clown, or make fake eyelashes from my own hair, but perhaps I will occasionally wear something ridiculously insane and give a nod to the ladies of New York.


Advanced Style screens at 6:45pm on Saturday August 2 at Hoyts, at 9pm on Monday August 4 at ACMI and at 4pm Wednesday August 6 at Kino. Book tickets at MIFF or call 9662 3722

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