Babylon (2013) MIFF Review


UK   90 Mins

I wonder how people feel about the Big Screen Small Screen category at MIFF – the part of the program that brings television to the festival. It may be television that is groundbreaking, but I think some people would be annoyed as it is not Film with a capital F. Me? I don’t mind it. As long as it is good.

Babylon is a British production that shows the workings of the PR department for London’s Metropolitan Police. The pilot, which is being screened at MIFF, sees an American, Liz (Brit Marling) coming in to the office to change the way it is being run. She has been brought in by Police Commissioner Miller (James Nesbitt) on the back of her Ted talk. But when a series of sniper attacks occur, they are all thinking (or not) on their feet.

I look forward to the series and hope it gets a run on ABC. The working of the personalities with and against each other in the office is interesting, but it is also interesting to see the sub-plots of the various grunts on the street who have to deal with the results of the decisions made by those above.

Babylon screens at 9pm on Friday August 3 at ACMI and at 9pm on Sunday August 9 at ACMI. Book tickets at MIFF or call 9662 3722

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