Our Sunhi (2013) MIFF Review


South Korea   88 Mins

Sunhi (Jung Yumi) is a university student who, for no explained reason, has not been attending for some time. She asks her professor for a reference and he writes a terrible one, and when she asks for a replacement, he admits to having feelings for her. Along the way, she catches up with an ex-boyfriend and another guy, both of whom have feelings for her.

I became increasingly annoyed and bored with this film. Every scene was filmed with a static camera, and there was very little editing throughout. While I found some of the repetition in the dialogue amusing, the very similar scenes of pairs of characters getting drunk and revealing themselves to each other was tedious and the end made very little sense. It’s a shame, because I liked the initial premise, but a lot of it was quite uninteresting.

Our Sunhi is screening at 6:30pm on Sunday August 3 at the Kino and at 4pm on Thursday August 14 at the Forum. Book tickets at MIFF  or call 9662 3722


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