In Order of Disappearance (2014) MIFF Review


Denmark/Norway/Sweden 116 Mins

When Nils (Stellan Skarsgard), self-made man who runs a company keeping mountain roads cleared of snow using magnificent snow blowing trucks, learns that his son has died of an apparent drug overdose, he cannot believe it. He falls apart; until he learns that it was all a plot by a crime group and he sets out for revenge. Bloody revenge. He works his way up, aiming to take it right to the boss, Greven(Pal Sverre Hagen), a psychopathic vegan who inherited his crime empire. Add in the Serbian mafia and you have a great film.

In some ways, this is like two different films; there is the serious Nils played with the sense of anger of a man who has lost everything and will not rest until he gets satisfaction. Then there is the over-the-top, almost slapstick insanity of Greven, who is so utterly ridiculous in his short temper and violence that it is totally hilarious. What you end up with is a film that has an excellent balance of grief, violence and humour, and is a must see for anyone with a slightly twisted, black sense of humour.

In Order of Disappearance is screening at 9:15pm on Sunday August 10 and at 9pm at the Forum and on Wednesday August 13 at the Capitol. Book tickets at MIFF or call 9662 3722

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