Life of Riley (2014) MIFF Review


France 108 Mins

Adapted from an English play by Alan Ayckbourn, Life of Riley tells of the last year or so of the life of George Riley, but through the eyes of six people close to his life. Riley is never seen, but is referred to constantly.

When I read that it was adapted from a play, I expected more of an adaptation as opposed to be simply the filming of a play. I did like the sets, which were quite stylized, though I was frustrated by the scene changes with the camera taking us down various country lanes over and over again. I was also unsure of the choice of close-ups that had an odd, animated lined background, and I could not understand why. It was quite amusing to see very English sensibilities being represented by French actors speaking French, but I don’t understand the choice to not utilise the differences in style and substance between stage and film.

Life of Riley is screening at 11am on Monday August 4 at the Forum and at 6:30pm on Sunday August 10 at the Capitol. Book tickets at MIFF or call 9662 3722

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