The Wonders by Paddy O’Reilly – Book Review


Leon was about to die when he was given a mechanical heart that sits in an open cavity in his chest. Kathryn had Huntington’s Disease, but a radical new cure saved her, but left her covered in wool like a sheep. Christos was a performance artist who had magnificent working wings created that he could operate using his own muscles. And the three were ‘discovered’ by Rhona, daughter of a circus man, who creates a whole new kind of freak show. But it is a freak show that not all embrace and these three, The Wonders, must receive both the good and the bad sides of being in the public eye.

Told from the point of view of Leon, a man who seems never to be sure of himself, constantly struggling with self-doubt and the way others see him, The Wonders was a book I could not put down. I both loved and hated Leon; I wanted him to step up in various situations, yet was aware that to do so would be a very great departure from who he was. Read it. Just read it, because I don’t want o give any of the wonderful plot away.

The Wonders is featuring on First Tuesday Book Club for October, so you may still have time to read it if you get started right now!

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