The Last Man on Earth (1964) Film Review


This is the second of the four film interpretations of Richard Matheson’s book I am Legend that I have seen, having watched the 2007 Will Smith film I am Legend recently. This is far closer to the book, though I don’t think this is necessarily the way to judge a film made from a book. If each holds up as a good text, that is important, and I did enjoy both of these films.

Let’s recap: Dr Robert Morgan (Vincent Price) is the last person on Earth. He is surrounded by vampires – that was all that was left when people succumbed to a terrible plague that covered the Earth. Dr Morgan has a routine he follows, and this is described to the audience through a voiceover as he fulfils his daily tasks and hopes one day, through some experimentation, to find a cure and return the vampires to human state.

The voiceover worked well to get the facts across, although it was quite unrelenting for much of the film. The flashback to life with his wife and daughter and the demise of the two was, despite the flat acting, quite emotional, and the struggles that he faces was well presented. Most definitely worth the watch, especially if you enjoy Vincent Price.


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