Lost in Austen – TV Review


Amanda Price (Jemima Rooper) is living an average life in London in the early 00s – works, shares a flat with a friend, has a boyfriend she mostly likes but feels there is something missing. The romance and grandeur of Pride and Prejudice – she is obsessed with the book. Then one night, Elizabeth Bennet (Gemma Arterton) walks in to Amanda’s life through a mysterious portal and Amanda is spirited away to a fictional world, hoping only to not ruin the lives of those around her as she waits for the chance to return home.

So much fun. Undoubtedly more fun for a fan of Austen who would have had some idea about what was going on, but I muddled through. I really liked Amanda, though was amazed at the way she kept both her hair and make-up so perfect without any kind of make-up bag or straightener. The world of Austen was ridiculous and great, and Hugh Bonneville got to play a somewhat more jovial version of his Downton Abbey character. Oh, and Alex Kingston (who I loved a lot in ER for years) was magnificent as Mrs Bennet.

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