Life of Galileo by Bertolt Brecht


A book review of a play? How absurd. But I love reading plays (though not as much as I like watching them), so I’m giving it a go. This is Brecht’s telling of parts of Galileo’s life – a man who challenged the view of the Catholic Church in the 1600s that Earth was the centre of the universe, and the rest of the planets revolved around it. He faced condemnation against science – people so set in their ways that they refused to even contemplate his ideas.

In a time when so many people still refute strong science (human driven climate change and vaccinations are two key examples), this is an important play. Sure, science can be debunked sometimes, but it is important to make considered decisions, and be aware that things do change. I mean, is there anyone who now believes that the sun revolves around Earth? (Though I know some people who think the universe revolves around them, but that is a slightly different scenario…)


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