The Promise (2005) Film Review


I love an epic film with beautiful costumes and amazing fight sequences. Unfortunately, this also has some terribly special effects and even worse wigs – you can see the plastic reflecting in the light. If you can ignore that and the overbearing soundtrack, and storylines that don’t quite make sense, watch it. Sounds like it it’s not worth anything – that’s not true. It is absolutely stunning. I watched it from a recording that I had taped off television, and that meant that I was able to stop it and rewind a few times, to see if I had just drifted out and missed a bit. But I hadn’t – it was just all very confusing.

So, I think the story is that a girl was saved from poverty by a goddess who made her promise that she would never find true love. Then there is a slave who can run really fast and he saves the now adult woman from a nasty prince or king or something. But she ends up with his boss. And there is another slave, but he is dodgy (but what amazing makeup) and then the slave guy goes back to the home world guided by the guy with the makeup and, um, the girl is still with the boss and… I don’t really know. Confusing and strangely put together, but quire stunning.

The Promise was nominated for a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Film.



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