Archer (TV Series)


There’s a spy agency run by an older, over-sexed woman who is constantly trying to get with a rich man, be he KGB, Burt Reynolds, whoever. Her son, is Archer, and despite his alcoholism, constant womanizing, and telling every single person he meets that he is a spy, is none-the-less the best spy in the world. His ex is an extremely sexy woman, also an excellent spy, who is dating the firm accountant. The HR woman has an issue with a variety of substances and sex, the receptionist has even more issues with sex, and then there is a scientist who has a love for creating pig creatures. And if this isn’t enough, the company they work for is called ISIS.

Okay, the show pre-dates the now well-known horrific ISIS. But it is now a strange repeating gag – especially when they are talking about ISIS bureaucracy. I found the show somewhat funny initially, but as it went on and on, I became somewhat addicted. And then there was the fact that Archer is voiced by the same guy who does Bob from Bob’s Burgers. (H. Jon Benjamin) Another strange yet fabulous animation.

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