Scandinavian Film Festival 2015


Well, they time this one perfectly, don’t they? Right in the middle of our coldest time of year, what more can you want but to see some films from Scandinavia? The festival is playing across the country, having started this week in Melbourne and Sydney and moving through Canberra, Brisbane and Byron Bay to end out the month in Hobart, Perth and Adelaide.

Highlights of the festival include the opening night film Here is Harold, about a Norwegian furniture maker who is driven to bankruptcy by the new IKEA that has opened next door. So, he fights back – by setting out to kidnap IKEA founder Ingvar Kamprad.

Then there is the closing night film Ingrid Bergman: In Her Own Words, the documentary that received a Special Mention at Cannes 2015 – L’Oeil d’Or Award for Best Documentary.

After something a bit more dramatic? Check out the award-winning Underdog (Best New Director at the Chicago Film Festival 2014 and Critics’ Award for Best Film Debut at the Zurich Film Festival 2014). A young Swedish girl is struggling to beat her demons and make ends meet in Oslo until she begins working as a housekeeper, but things are never straightforward.


The Scandinavian Film Festival is at Palace Cinemas in Melbourne until July 26. For the dates for other cities and for the full program, click here.

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