Svenskjavel (Underdog) (2014) Film Review


Dino (Bianca Kronlof) is one of thousands of young Swedes who have exchanged the unemployment at home for the hope of Oslo. There they face the racism of the Norwegians who have historically been downtrodden by the Swedes and are enjoying the upper hand. Meantime, she is battling her own demons with alcohol and poverty. She stumbles into working as a housekeeper and babysitter for former tennis champ Steffen (Henrik Rafaelsen) whose wife is away working, and whose teenage daughter is dealing with body issues and bullying. And things do not go smoothly.

This is one of those films where, while a lot happens, nothing much happens. There are long shots of normal life and it is sort of like shrugging on a different world for a while. It doesn’t always work for me, but something about this film just connected. I loved Dino who, whilst being so deeply flawed, has such charm, and I was totally on her side. It’s a slow film, but beautiful.

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