Turner & Hooch (1989) Film Review


There must be something wrong with Scott Turner (Tom Hanks) – in the opening scene, there is montage of him doing somewhat obsessive things like flossing his teeth, ironing his clothes and (oh my goodness) cleaning his fridge. Surely he couldn’t just be… a bit clean and tidy? He’s a cop, about to move from his small town to the big city, about to be replaced by David Sutton (Reginald VelJohnson – remember him from Family Matters or, more importantly, Die Hard?), but then there is a murder. It’s the old man from the junkyard that, conveniently, we met with Scott the day before, after watching him chased by a massive, slobbery dog (Hooch). The old man had been complaining about activity at the nearby fish packing factory, and was killed by a nasty criminal.

It’s a classic eighties comedy, just don’t spend too much time looking into plot or character.. It’s a comedy with an attempt at serious crime stuff, but let’s face it, the main reason to watch is to see young Tom Hanks in his tight black jocks trying to give the dog a bath.


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