Paper Planes (2014) Film Review


Dylan (Ed Oxenbould) lives with his dad, Jack (Sam Worthington) in a small country town. His dad doesn’t do much, struggling to even get up off the couch. Dylan’s school participate in a paper plane contest and he wins, forcing his Dad to get up and take him to Sydney. Then, if he can win, he’s got the chance to go to Tokyo.

Eugh, I have to stop. I need to remember that this is a kids film, and as a kid, perhaps I would have liked it. But it was just so awful, I found it so hard to suspend my disbelief for everything. Even the fact that this small country primary school had two male teachers – what world are they living in? If you are a kid, I hope you enjoy it. For me, I just can’t do it. Actually, no I slightly need to review this. What I liked was that when Dylan was getting picked on, he didn’t shy away into his shell, but spoke up. More films should depict kids standing up to bullies, showing that sometimes it is not that hard to call them out for being mean. That is the good lesson from this film.

Also,  I have been making a few paper planes recently and gee, when you get a good throw on – that is satisfaction. Now, if I could just get my kite to fly…

Film Review, Paper Planes Review, Ed Oxenbould, Sam Worthington

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