Along Came A Spider by James Patterson – Book Review


Alex Cross is not just a cop but a doctor – specifically a psychologist. He’s also a widow with a couple of kids who lives with the grandmother who raised him. He’s hot, tall, fit, sensitive, intelligent and great with kids. What more could you possibly want in a character? Oh, how about another equally as hot partner?

Anyhow, let’s stop dreaming about this guy, let’s get to the story – this is the first of a lot (twenty-two when the most recent was published in 2014) of Alex Cross books. In this, a guy has kidnapped a couple of kids (rich kids, so the assumption is that it is for ransom) and Alex is on the case. And then off the case. Or put onto a different case, but it is the same case. Or is it?What I loved about this is that it right from the start, we, the reader, know who the killer is. But then do we? The twists and turns come hard and fast. With short chapters, the readers are kept on their toes from go to whoa. I know that I’ve found a new series to get well and truly stuck into.

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