Before Sunrise (1995) Film Review


An American tourist, Jesse (Ethan Hawke) is returning to Vienna for his flight home. He meets a Parisian, Celine (Julie Delpy) on the train and convinces her to stay in Vienna and hang out with him until he flies the next day. And here is the start of a 105 minute conversation, the conversation of two people who are attracted but expect this is the only time they will have together.

It’s one of those films where nothing much happens, but it is delightful to watch. I don’t particularly like either character; two twenty-somethings who have the arrogance to judge everything around, and the candour to say it to each other. And it is a beautiful setting. Not sure I’m clamouring to watch the two sequels, but I know I will at some time.

Before Sunrise was nominated for an Oscar for Best Writing, Adapted Screenplay (Richard Linklater, Julie Delphy, Ethan Hawke, Kim Krizan)

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