Point Break (2015) Film Review


Utah (Luke Bracey) is an extreme sportsman whose friend dies and so, naturally, he becomes and FBI Agent. But, just as he is graduating, there is a mysterious case that requires an extreme sportsman and he fits the bill – what a coincidence! And so, with his boss, Instructor Hall (Delroy Lindo) and his FBI kind-of partner, Pappas (Ray Winstone) he goes out to get Bodhi (Edgar Ramirez) and bring him and his group to justice.

It’s a terrible film, really. The plot is rubbish, with a bunch of men giving each other intense looks and earnest high fives, and a girl who is hanging around apparently only to sleep with Utah at some point. I’m not sure why they had to remake the original which I recall being very good anyhow… But, go see it. Because it is so stunning; the waves, the snow, the mountains, all of it is just stunning and beautiful and no doubt there is a tonne of CGI, but I don’t care. It was magnificent to watch, and I could handle all of the crappy acting and plot just to watch the scenery.

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