After The Fire, A Still, Small Voice by Evie Wyld – Book Review


My goodness I am on a total run of reading depressing books. This one is about two men – one who has broken up with his girlfriend and moves out to the middle of nowhere into a house that belonged to his parents or grandparents or something. He is gross and windswept and over-heated and drunk and makes friends and while he doesn’t want to. And there is a man, the son of a Dutch baker whose father goes to fight in Korea and he ends up conscripted to fight in Vietnam. And there are things that connect these two.

It is depressing and yet there is some sense of hope. I dislike these characters and yet I want them to find a way to live, a way to survive, a way to get through their pain. But I also wanted the book to end. I wanted it to end a lot. So depressing yet also so beautiful.

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