It Follows (2014) Film Review


You know how most, if not all, horror films are really about how teenagers, especially girls, should not have sex? (If you want confirmation on this, check out Scream and the rules of horror films) Well, this one takes the cake. There is a sweet and lovely girl, Kelly (Lili Sepe) who is dating a guy called Hugh (or is it Jeff?)(Jake Weary). After they have sex, it is revealed that he has passed something on to her. Not a sexually transmitted infection, a sexually transmitted haunting. See, now IT FOLLOWS. What is it? Dunno. But it comes in the guise of different people, walks slowly and if it gets you, you die. Then it starts going back up the chain to the person you slept with, and so on. No-one else can see it.

This freaked me out totally – and I know, I keep saying that I am no good with horror films. Why did I watch this? I couldn’t say. It’s quite a beautiful film, very slow-paced, though there are several parts that were totally infuriating. I can’t say I liked it, but I certainly didn’t hate it, which says a lot for a horror film. And I did like the ambiguous ending.


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