These Are The Names by Tommy Wieringa – Book Review


It’s a fictional world in a fictional time. It’s somewhere in kind of Eastern Europe. It’s sometime post WWII, but almost all of the Jews are gone, apart from two rabbis. Corruption is rife. The police commissioner is a man who struggles with his life, with a cold foot, a house keeper that will sleep with him, but does not like him all that much and discovers that it is entirely possible that he is also Jewish. Then there are a group of mysterious strangers who have been smuggled by people smugglers across a border and are looking for civilisation, gradually most of them have died, but some eventually make it to this place.

It’s a really interesting read. It’s left me wondering what the hell was going on and why, yet I really enjoyed it. It was ugly and strange, and reminded me a lot of a book that I HATED, The Butt by Wil Self. But it had that strange timeless placelessness that left me, well frankly, it left me a bit stranded.

p.s. Tommy Wieringa (at least as far as I know) is no relation of mine. But perhaps one day we’ll meet and talk about books!

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