I’m Still Here (2010) Film Review


Remember when Joaquin Phoenix went a bit off the rails, seemed to stop showering, quit acting and announced he was starting a rap career, only heaps of people said it was a hoax and it was all for a film he was making with brother-in-law Casey Affleck? Yeah, me neither, but I suppose I’m not a great one for watching tabloids and stuff. I vaguely recall hearing something about an interview on Dave Letterman. Well, it turns out, it was a hoax, and that they were making a mockumentary type film, but kind of living it as they made it.

I think it was probably a lot of fun to film. But it wasn’t that much fun to watch. Perhaps if I knew more about Joaquin and his personality – I mean, is he that much of a wanker? He was very good at playing a wanker, but was that just acting? And the other big question – does anyone care?


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