Grantchester – TV Review


There’s a Church of England minister in a parish in Cambridge not long after World War Two has ended. Sidney Chambers (James Norton). He’s got a few issues; bit of shell shock, drinks a bit much, his handsome looks get him attention from the ladies, and he is somewhat in love with his old school friend Amanda (Morven Christie). Oh, and murders keep happening around him. He teams up with local policeman Geordie Keating (Robson Green) to solve them.

He’s handsome, but spends a bit much time mooning around for my liking. I’ve not been one to watch Midsummer Murders or any of the like, but I’m imaging they are similar. In fact, I am imagining they would be very similar.


2 thoughts on “Grantchester – TV Review

  1. Grantchester & Midsommer Murders are quite different. The murder bit is similar, but MM has a certain smugness about it & the boys are all about the crime with a little bit of family life popping in from time to time, just to show that they’re real people with lives outside work.
    In contrast, Grantchester (& I’ve only watched 2 episodes), seems to be half crime and half angst over the poor vicar’s love life (or lack of) and his vices (drinking, breaking confidences/confessions to solve crimes, being considered dreamy/gorgeous by the local women/girls, generally getting in the way & acting un-priestly during murder investigations…).
    And yes, I am one to watch this genre 😉

    • I think I’ll avoid MM, but I think there is a second season of Grantchester that I’m sure I’ll enjoy! Still yet to watch the last season of Phryne… must get onto that!

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