Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (2009) Film Review


There’s a geeky boy, Flint (Bill Hader) whose mother is no longer around, and his father (James Caan) doesn’t get it at all. Then he invents a machine that causes rain to turn into whatever food he programs. Weird. Then the weather reporter, Sam (Anna Faris)who has a whole opposite-Ugly Ducking thing going on, gets everyone around the world fired up. But things go bad.

So, yup I totally got on my kids’ film high horse about this one. Science is bad, but then it becomes good because now everyone can eat all the terribly unhealthy food possible (yet only one of them becomes overweight) regardless of the waste. Oh, but then then science is bad again because there is some problem and then it’s over. And the girl who has to act like a bimbo to get on television and is far to scared to reveal that she is smart, yet can only truly impress the geeky guy by no longer dressing pretty. See, he likes her personality and smartness, so why does she need to change for her? Argh! Girls just can’t get it right, can we? We can’t be ourselves unless we are smart, and if we chose to pretty ourselves up, well, we must only be doing that for someone else. Hang on, but when Sam then de-prettifies, or ups her geek factor, it is done to impress the guy? Not because she feels more comfortable like this? And am I taking this too far? Of course I am. Let’s look at the other female characters in the film. Oh wait. There aren’t any.



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