Train to Busan (2016) MIFF Review


Fund manager Seok Woo (Yoo Gong) has little time for his daughter, but does not want to give her up to his estranged wife. But the adorable child convinces him that, for her birthday, she wants to go to her mother, and so the two of them get on the train. But, unknown to them, there has been an outbreak of a mysterious disease – essentially, people are rapidly becoming zombies. And one of them managed to get on the train… it’ a problem for the rich and selfish businessman, the high school baseball team, the elderly sisters, the pregnant woman and her husband and, of course, Seok and his daughter.

I don’t think this is necessarily that different to most zombie films. Not that I’ve seen a lot… yet this one didn’t scare me like some others have in the past. I mean, I jumped and squealed a couple of times. But mostly it was a lot of violence and a lot of giggling – zombies can actually be really funny, given half a chance.

Train to Busan is paired with Seoul Station – both set in the world of a zombie outbreak in Seoul and surrounding areas.

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