Seoul Station (2016) MIFF Review


This is the animated film which pairs with Train to Busan, both set in Seoul during a zombie outbreak. Seoul Station sees the outbreak starting amongst a group of homeless people who live at the station. Quickly, we are following two storylines – the annoying weeping girl who is being searched for by her boyfriend and father. Wait, let me go back a step. The girl is a runaway ex-prostitute and her boyfriend is addicted to internet cafes and not getting a job. He wants her to go back on the street, she is annoyed with him and walks away. Her dad turns up looking for her, but before they can be reunited, zombies happen. And while she tries to stay alive, her father is stuck with her annoying and fairly useless boyfriend trying to find her.

Such annoying characters who are crying all the time, very loudly. And a somewhat stupid plot (though with some cool twists). And I don’t really do scary films. Any yet… There was something really great about this film. It was fun, it was daggy, it was just ace fun times.

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