Magic Mike XXL (2015) Film Review


You know how Magic Mike had a bit of a plot? Not a lot, but there was something. And you know how all everyone who saw the film talked about was the stripping? What do you think would make the next film better? Lose the plot? Yup. Here’s a film with no plot at all. Ok, so the group of handsome stripping men are on a bus that breaks down after they all take ecstasy and have a moment together and they need to get help so they visit a mansion where men strip and women stand around throwing money… huh? But it’s okay, because there is a woman there played by Jada Pinkett Smith and so it must be okay because she is the coolest woman who ever existed. Then they all strip. A lot.

You don’t watch this for the plot. You watching it for the almost naked men dancing. It’s a dumb and silly film, but that is exactly what it is supposed to be. I missed Matthew McConaughey from the first film, but in this one I got Jada Pinkett Smith and Andie McDowell, so that was nice. I still don’t really understand all the money just flying about – yes, it looks cool on film, but why would you just be throwing it up in the air all like that? Crazy.


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