L.A. Story (1991) Film Review


Steve Martin plays a wacky weatherman, Harris K. Telemacher, in LA, who is unhappy with his life until he meets Sarah McDowel (Victoria Tennant), a British reporter. However she is going through the motions of recociling with ex-husband Roland Mackey (Richard E. Grant), while Telemacher is dealing with his girlfriend Trudi (Marilu Henner) and cute shopgirl SanDeE* (Sarah Jessica Parker). All of this with the backdrop of crazy, happy, vacuous LA – and the assistance of a electronic sign with personaility.

I seem to recall quite liking this film. There are certainly some quirky things that I kind of like – especially the sign. But overall, it’s a real mess – the gags tend to get in the way of the story, it’s just messy and silly. And fun! But messy.


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