In the Skin of a Monster by Kathryn Barker – Book Review


A girl has done the unthinkable – gone into her school in a small country town and killed a group of students, then herself. And left behind her twin sister to not only deal with her own loss and pain, but as a horrific reminder of everything her sister put their small community through.

What a fabulous concept! How does this sister and the town get through? Due to my own misreading of the back of the book, I thought this was what I was going to read. But instead, this takes the strange twist of putting the living sister, Alice, into a strange dream world, created through the dreams of the townsfolk, where she and a group of survivors try to outrun and survive the evil schoolgirl who regularly appears to kill them all. It wasn’t the book I wanted to read when I started it, and it wasn’t the book I was expecting. But it was a book that took me a whole heap of different places and still has moments that play on my mind. And I thought it was strange and amazing.

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