Feel the Noise (2007) Film Review


Somehow, I had this DVD in my quite small collection. Unopened. Why I had it, I don’t know. Why I felt this compelled me to watch it… I also don’t know. This really is a terrible and cheesy film – but I am not the audience. It’s rated M which is higher than I think it should have aimed for – if it took out the minor drug references and a tiny bit of the violence, I think it could have been rated for a younger audience, who I think it is really aimed at.

So, Rob (Omarion Grandberry) is a young man in New York who wants to be a rapper but there are some bad guys after him so his mom sends him to live with his uncle in Bel Air… No, wait, sorry, his father (Giancarlo Esposito) in Puerto Rico. There he meets his step-brother and they start making music together (literally – I’m not creating a taboo love affair here). Then his pretty girlfriend who wants to be a dancer in video clips (aim high, girlfriend) meets a sleazy record producer (and, spoiler alert, it is no surprise that she ends up having to fight off this ugly, middle-aged white man –he’s just such a creep) and they all end up heading back to New York. But things don’t go smoothly until they do. Oh, and there is a random attack on Rob’s stepmom that I don’t even know why it happened… It was a terrible film. The main man is totally not charismatic, in fact I think he was so stoned most of the time that he was just about falling asleep midway through half of his lines.


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