The Sure Thing (1985) Film Review


Gib (John Cusack) has gone to college on the East coast hoping that his wit and intellect (well, mostly wit) will prove him to be a charm with the ladies, but he is striking out as much as he did in high school. When his mate Lance (Anthony Edwards), who is partying his way through his degree in California, invites Gib to California for the holidays, it is the promise of a ‘sure thing’ (Nicollette Sheridan) that seals the deal. Only, Gib can’t afford to get there, and ends up car pooling with a couple of perky nuts (Tim Robbins and Lisa Jane Persky) and his nemisis, the girl he has desperately tried to hit on and failed, Alison Bradbury (Daphne Zuniga). When they are kicked out of the vehicle, Gib and Alison must pair up to get across the line.

It’s a classic hate-each-other romantic comedy, but there is something special about this. What is it? I reckon good scriptwriting and Cusack. This charming character of Cusack’s is not unusual – he probably plays the same character in pretty much every romantic comedy he’s been in, but this was probably the first and the most fresh. Zuniga is awesome as well, great comic timing, and I’m surprised she didn’t go on to a more prominent career, but you never can tell. Eighties charm with a hell of a lot of heart. Check it out.



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