Get Ready to Be Boyzvoiced (2000) Film Review


I cannot remember who introduced me to this insane Norwegian mockumentary, but I thank them forever. I got my own copy and for years, every so often a group of us get together and Get Ready to be Boyzvoiced. It’s a mockumentary following the three members of Boyzvoice, M’Pete (Espen Eckbo), Hot Tub (Oyvind Thoen) and Roar (Kaare Daniel Steen) as they hit the highs and lows of their career. Written, directed and starring Edpen Eckbo in multiple roles, I assume that he is the Chris Lilly of Norway. But it’s not the plot or the characters that are the highlight. It’s the lyrics. The cheesey love song that laments ‘but she’s my cousin. Yeah, yeah, yeah.’ Or ‘being fooled by a twelve-year-old woman’. It’s wrong, but oh so funny.

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