Lucky by Alice Sebold – Book Review


When Alice was in college, she was walking home through a park when she was attacked and raped by a stranger. This autobiographical book tells of what happened to her – the details of the attack, how she felt afterwards, both in the immediate minutes and hours and days, but the following few years. It’s strange that, when you mention the topic of the book to people, a lot respond with immediate disgust and say ‘why would you want to read that?’

I guess this depends on why you read, and there are so very many reasons to read. This is such an important book. It is a book that allows the audience to see how one victim reacted, to try to put yourself into the place of someone who has been through this awful experience. It’s particularly interesting the times when she realises in hindsight how she thought she was strong, but was nothing like that in reality. It is a book that everyone should try to read.

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