The Fourteenth Summer of Angus Jack by Jen Storer – Book Review


Angus and Martha have been dragged to Australia by their father who has come to work on his ongoing research and barely spends any time with them. Their mother is no longer around and the two kids are left to fill in their lives as they can. Then strange people start showing their faces around the neighbourhood and Angus and Martha end up getting involved in an intrigue that goes beyond d their world and things that once they never would have believed are now what is saving their lives.

I was very quickly drawn into this story. It is not quite YA, and generally I prefer reading YA to books aimed at a younger audience, I think because the plots are generally more complex and the books treat the audience like they have a reasonable level of intelligence. But in this book, Jen Storer lets multiple storylines follow each other, and isn’t afraid to leave things hang for a while. Very clever, very fun and with delightful drawings by Lucinda Gifford.



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