Central Intelligence (2016) Film Review


Robbie Wierdicht (Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson – and I will forever write and say it in full because I love it) is an overweight, shy kid at school, and at the final assembly, bully Trevor Olson (Jason Bateman) and his mates throw him, naked, in front of the whole school. The only one who doesn’t laugh is sports star, class captain and all round winner Calvin Joyner (Kevin Hart), who gives him his jacket to cover himself. Skip to twenty years later, Joyner is an accountant bored with his life, far from his glory days, in a marriage with his teenage sweetheart that is leaning towards going sour, when a guy called Bob Stone contacts him. When they meet up, it turns out it is Wierdicht – only no longer a shy fat kid, he is a musclebound hunk – and still massively geeky. And in the CIA. Or is he?

There are funny moments, for sure. But essentially, this is a pretty crap film. There just wasn’t enough to really make it good – essentially, it’s just a mismatched buddy film without enough jokes to make it worth watching.


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