Keanu (2016) Film Review

Have you seen Key and Peele? If yes, then you know that this is absolutely the film they were going to make. There’s a guy, Rell (Jorden Peele) who’s girlfriend has left him and he is so down until the cutest, tiniest little kitten turns up on his doorstep. He calls him Keanu and it becomes his best friend until it disappears. His mate, Clarence (Keegan-Michael Key) is brought in to retrieve the cat from the nearby gang banger, Cheddar (Method Man) and his crew, and so Rell and Clarence fake being out-of-town drug dealers to save Keanu.

It’s ridiculous. It starts out a bit silly, then gets somewhat crazy, and then finally becomes totally and wonderfully absurd. If you like the humour of these guys, I think you’ll love this. But if you don’t like ridiculous funny, it’s probably not for you.

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