Nerve (2016) Film Review

There’s a new internet game sweeping New York City: Nerve. You can join as a player and complete dares for cash, or you can be a watcher and follow your favourite players as they perform increasingly dangerous dares. After an altercation with her mate, Sydney (Emily Meade), Vee (Emma Roberts) decides to join as a player. Before she knows it, she’s met up with Ian (Dave Franco) and they are racing through the city together. But is everything as it seems?

This is a terrible film, but it is actually an awesome film. What do I mean by that? Well, it’s terrible because it kind of doesn’t hit the marks it needed to; I feel like it was cut back to be less intense to hit a younger rating and younger market, but it should have gone harder. But it is an awesome film because, even though I was watching it and thinking that it should be more intense, my stomach was squirming and I was nervous – I wanted to yell at the screen because I was getting too stressed. I mean, I’ve never been great with suspense films, but this is a good one that isn’t that removed from what life could really be.


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