Trumbo (2015) Film Review

Remember the days when you couldn’t have a differing political stance to those in power or you were considered a danger? When speaking out could risk your job, your livelihood, your life? (Yeah, it does sound like something that could indeed be happening again, all this fear and anger… but I step back).

So, Dalton Tumbo (Bryan Cranston) was a Hollywood screenwriter and a communist. By this, he subscribed to the American communist party and believed in the idea of people supporting each other and a different system to that which America was (and still is) functioning under. He organised protest for increased pay for those working in the film industry until, under the House of Un-American Activities, he and eleven other screenwriters were imprisoned. Things got tough, and Trumbo and his mates had to start working using pseudonyms until the winds changed.

It’s a fascinating film. Showing Trumbo not only as a leader amongst his peers and a family man, but also as a self-centred prick who could not see the contradictions in his own life and existence. And who loved working in the bath – what a man!

Bryan Cranston was nominated for an Oscar for Best Performance by an Actor in a Leading role.

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