The Visitor by Lee Child – Book Review

Nothing like a Jack Reacher book for a bit of gory fun. So, whilst hanging out in New York with his new love, Jodie, living on the ranch her father(Reacher’s old army boss) left Reacher in his will, he starts feeling a bit hemmed in. See, Reacher is a wanderer, he don’t like to be fenced in. He needs to be free, dammit! Then the FBI trick him into helping with a case – a group of women, all of whom had successful sexual harassment cases in the Army but then left – are being killed. Not just killed, but found dead, in a bath full of camouflage paint with no apparent cause of death. Reacher helps because he has to regardless of what he actually wants, but eventually his sense of right and wrong totally suck him in to the case.

I just love these books. I’ve read this before and I still couldn’t remember how it all played out. Reacher is the most wonderful character – even though in this book he is downright nasty to one of the other characters, you still want to be on his side. Because no matter what happens, Reacher’s side is the winning side.

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