The Museum of Modern Love by Heather Rose – Book Review

Inspired by the installation by artist Marina Abramovic The Artist is Present, Heather Rose tells the stories of people who visit the exhibition, either to sit and gaze into the eyes of Abramovic, or to watch those who do. In particular, there is Arky Levin, a composer whose wife is ill and refuses to allow him to visit. He’s torn by his love for her and what is right for him to do, and finds watching the interactions in the museum some kind of salve.

I was drawn in by the way Rose captured the experience of the show, and compelled by the characters she create and what they were doing. I loved it, and found it was one of those books that I never wanted to finish reading. I can’t stop recommending it to everyone I know. So read it!

The Museum of Modern Love won the 2017 Stellar Prize

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